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How to Install and Configure phpMyAdmin on Ubuntu Server

What is PhpMyAdmin? phpMyAdmin provides a graphical user interface to do all of these tasks. phpMyAdmin is an open source tool used for the administration of MySQL it to perform administration tasks such as creating, editing, or deleting databases, and managing users and permissions. Installing phpMyAdmin Update first to ensure …

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Solve : How to Select a Year in MySQL from a UNIX Timestamp Format

SQL Table Sample In this tutorial I am using the moodle LMS table in which the administrator will pull the year of quiz attempts from time finish of the quiz result. MySQL Query SELECT   DATE_FORMAT( FROM_UNIXTIME(qattempt.timefinish) , ‘%d/%m/%Y’ ) AS ‘Date’ FROM prefix_quiz_attempts qattempt WHERE FROM_UNIXTIME(qattempt.timefinish, ‘%Y’) = 2017

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